Background colors assert fail.


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Hey guys, C/P from customer email:

I have a note related to the 1.2.17-RC1 version:
When I try to dump background colors using 1.2.17-RC1 (either the IDE or the runner), I get different values than 1.2.15.
I think that the older values are correct (You can check that from the Screenshot attached).
Here is the command:

format "dynamic constraint c1: Background Color: %.0s%.0s%s" [get-edit-part -className GraphModelBodyPart | get-edit-part -className RepeatPart | get-edit-part -className RepeatBodyPart | get-edit-part -text c1 | get-property backgroundColor -raw | print | foreach -do {echo}]

And here are the results produced by the different runners (IDEs):

0 227 233 237


0 99 99 0

Please could you check that issue.

I have a screenshot confirming that 1.2.15 return correct numbers.


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