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Everything related to Q7 testing

  • Lead: anastasia.ahramenko

Issues: Due

  • Story QS-1742 Cross-platform testing of Tigerstripe and Q7
  • Bug QS-2259 Following Q7 selfAUT test is invalid ExecuteTestSuiteAtStopOnFirstFailure
  • Bug QS-2260 Investigate why test MultiSelection from selfAUT tests is failing from time to time.

Issues: Updated recently

  • Task QS-3301 12/Nov/15 CLONE - Create Q7 tests for Copy/Paste from a context menu for different editors (Verifications, Contexts, etc.)
  • Task QS-2940 24/Mar/15 Support latest changes to ECL Debug in Q7 Tests
  • Task QS-2530 17/Mar/15 We need a workspace switching test running in cloud and in runner.

Versions: Due