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  • [QS-73] - Q7 should capture all log messages during scenariou execution
  • [QS-684] - Incremental-like q7 product builds
  • [QS-1354] - Some way to set and get variables
  • [QS-1605] - Add support for Rich Ajax Platform
  • [QS-1668] - Convert control panel to a normal Eclipse window with custom perspective
  • [QS-1742] - Cross-platform testing of Tigerstripe and Q7
  • [QS-2357] - High-level undo/redo support
  • [QS-2383] - As a Q7 user I want to store duration of test case recording, so that I measure how much time I have saved against manual testing

New Feature

  • [QS-1460] - Parallel execution of multiple test sutes
  • [QS-2697] - Evaluate an editor's hightlight range?
  • [QS-2816] - Create a test suite from selected test cases
  • [QS-3084] - Run all opened tests


  • [QS-493] - AUT from sources launch configuration is required.
  • [QS-529] - Assert mode force focus ability.
  • [QS-559] - Embedded contexts in test cases
  • [QS-809] - Find a better fix for QS-773
  • [QS-961] - Automatic generation of eclipse help plugin based on wiki content
  • [QS-1038] - Don't use Maven UnArchiver
  • [QS-1136] - Ability to move control panel tabs like in workbench
  • [QS-1342] - Remove com.xored.q7.core from Q7 Runtime
  • [QS-1519] - Make Q7 Server as X5 server and provide info from Q7 Agents
  • [QS-2298] - Update Q7 RAP runtime
  • [QS-2423] - Cheat sheets for Q7
  • [QS-2698] - mouse-up/mouse-down commands shouldn't be recorded in table viewer with mouse listeners
  • [QS-3050] - NatTable support


  • [QS-867] - Create target platform for Q7 development
  • [QS-1301] - Create Q7 Test AddIncorrectProjectInWSContext
  • [QS-1304] - Create Q7 test for OrderTestsInTestSuite
  • [QS-1306] - Create Q7 test for RenameTestInEditorToDuplicate
  • [QS-1307] - Create Q7 Test for SearchInWorkingSet
  • [QS-1434] - Q7 test for QS-1433
  • [QS-1545] - "No AUT agent connections" context needed.
  • [QS-1546] - Need to create "self-AUT" context for Jubula.
  • [QS-1584] - Q7 test for QS-1583
  • [QS-1586] - Q7 test for QS-1585
  • [QS-1686] - Create Q7 test on QS-1685
  • [QS-2346] - UI state recording


  • [QS-94] - Using Q7 with Bonita Studio
  • [QS-231] - On test replay all dialog fields filled, but element "OK" is disabled
  • [QS-304] - Selection in the Terminal is not recorded at the recording test
  • [QS-305] - Add the ability to check the text in the Terminal
  • [QS-306] - Add the ability to check the colors of background and foreground in the Terminal
  • [QS-312] - Drag and Drop for the Terminal is not recorded
  • [QS-340] - Support for multiple SWT displays
  • [QS-363] - Two SM dogfood tests are failed.
  • [QS-416] - Q7 tests pass locally and fail on a Bamboo
  • [QS-422] - Tigerstripe scenario EnableRule are not stable
  • [QS-437] - At the clicking in Assert Mode on Advanced tab values are displayed incorrectly
  • [QS-457] - Double click in Terminal is not reproduced
  • [QS-460] - Test fails if I change AUT window size.
  • [QS-461] - Q7 test fails to edit try/Catch activity in Vozone.
  • [QS-467] - Q7 Doggfood VSD test is failed.
  • [QS-505] - Q7 tests fail because of capitalization changes.
  • [QS-548] - Execution view labels are not visible if view width is not enougth
  • [QS-664] - Looks like whitespaces are ignored in styled text
  • [QS-1233] - Two test-cases with the same name, but with the different filename extension are in Q7 project.
  • [QS-1247] - Recording is incorrect when two dialog window with the same name
  • [QS-1259] - At the autosaving test-suite the sequence of tests is not the same as in Execution View
  • [QS-1282] - Deleting attributes from context menu cannot be replayed
  • [QS-1293] - Test case sorting in Test Suite doesn't work correctly
  • [QS-1387] - After running test on debugging the launching of Workbench Context hangs
  • [QS-1494] - Proxy for download AUT
  • [QS-1497] - Q7 doesn't wait for AUT job is finished and executes next command.
  • [QS-1537] - Q7 fails to locate text editor correctly.
  • [QS-1773] - Unable to replay service selection
  • [QS-1803] - Q7 Rap Runtime does not integrate with equinox security
  • [QS-2480] - Pressing on "Enter" key-board button is not replaying in DateTime picker
  • [QS-2585] - Q7 records "-index 4" for button with no text although it is the only button with no text.
  • [QS-3230] - "Connection is not available" when I restart AUT from a ECL proc.

Technical task

  • [QS-780] - Comment/uncomment actions in scenario editor

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