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New Feature


  • [QS-1453] - Record block text selections
  • [QS-1487] - Add new context for .metadata
  • [QS-1518] - Implement options for -testOptions and -skipTags for agents


  • [QS-1283] - Design Add-Ons page
  • [QS-1286] - Redesign Q7 Features Page
  • [QS-1356] - Switch tigerstripe to fresh q7
  • [QS-1427] - Move ECL/Tesla ports selection to AUT
  • [QS-1536] - AUT should not live longer than Q7


  • [QS-1351] - Can't get to
  • [QS-1403] - Better support for drag'n'drop in SWT
  • [QS-1469] - OutOfMemory error occurs constantly when JBoss is started as Q7 AUT.
  • [QS-1481] - Cannot assert tooltips with validation errors
  • [QS-1491] - Q7 server load resources stage are not effective.
  • [QS-1492] - Zip content transfer option enabled in 1.1.1 caused Q7 server to send workspace contexts every time.
  • [QS-1495] - Preferences context should support workspace relative values.
  • [QS-1513] - Q7 fail to locate elements on diagrams
  • [QS-1514] - Misprint in progress window
  • [QS-1515] - deadlock problem in latest Q7
  • [QS-1523] - Text editing fails randomly
  • [QS-1524] - Make scout-ide tests compatible with Mac
  • [QS-1525] - AUT is not terminated after test execution in some cases
  • [QS-1541] - Q7 does not work Browser RCP
  • [QS-1543] - Too much dependencies from Q7 Runtime to org.eclipse.core.resources

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