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  • [QS-1715] - Q7 tests for DLTK on Eclipse servers


  • [QS-1721] - Validate resource integrity during Q7 build
  • [QS-1745] - Remove redundant mappings of widgets to model
  • [QS-1754] - Remove raw content from test cases
  • [QS-1755] - Remove .content from plaintext test cases


  • [QS-1618] - Q7 test for QS-1617
  • [QS-1625] - Test for QS-1624
  • [QS-1716] - Initial DLTK test suite
  • [QS-1717] - Runner and license for Q7 DLTK tests
  • [QS-1718] - Move DLTK Q7 tests to Eclipse infrastructure


  • [QS-1047] - Cannot switch to tycho 0.12.0
  • [QS-1589] - Incorrect conversions in ECL
  • [QS-1632] - Tests with control characters cannot be saved
  • [QS-1676] - When I remove a single project from workspace I see 'Remove all references' dialog
  • [QS-1693] - Failed to set selection on existing element on runtime
  • [QS-1709] - Weird behavior when there are several tests with the same id
  • [QS-1724] - Perspective switch dialog does not work on mac os x
  • [QS-1729] - Deadlock in Q7 Builder?
  • [QS-1737] - Bunch of errors when trying to use ruler hovers in mac os x
  • [QS-1738] - Assertion window crack
  • [QS-1744] - Tests without plain-text ECL contexts have not been replayed
  • [QS-1746] - Inconsistent keystrokes for operating list of contexts in test case editor
  • [QS-1748] - Q7 cannot connect to Adobe Flash Builder on Mac OS X

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