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New Feature

  • [QS-1723] - General-purpose ECL commands for working set management


  • [QS-1783] - Ability to assert that error log is empty


  • [QS-1271] - Validate messages in Q7 UI plugin
  • [QS-1787] - Describe how to package custom ECL command and use it with Q7


  • [QS-1739] - ModelException if I delete a test case with opened control panel.
  • [QS-1767] - Q7 cannot connect to blackberry native SDK AUT
  • [QS-1777] - hover-at-text-offset does not provide proper error handling
  • [QS-1778] - 64-bt Q7 runner does not handle 32-bit AUTS
  • [QS-1780] - ClassCastException when I perform search in Q7 on Linux
  • [QS-1786] - Incorrect Q7 behavior when testcase hangs or user cancels execution
  • [QS-1791] - Runner does not grab AUT stdout when startup fails

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