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  • [QS-1446] - Q7 can't run iTest as AUT


  • [QS-1367] - Save log from Q7 runner when execution of tests is terminated by timeout
  • [QS-1447] - Q7 can't create AUT target platform when contain absent plugins
  • [QS-1844] - Q7 should allow to configure override of -eclipse.keyring argument to default location.


  • [QS-1833] - Create reference implementation for custom execution result reporter


  • [QS-1224] - Pasting in ECL editor in community edition does not cause floating dialog
  • [QS-1297] - Q7 records "close" command and fails to replay it.
  • [QS-1429] - When I rename AUT configuration which is already running - it becomes marked as stopped in Applications view although is is still running.
  • [QS-1435] - "Finish" button should be disabled when I try to create second AUT with the same name.
  • [QS-1531] - Can't assert tree item for a bold font.
  • [QS-1621] - RunAUTByRunCommand test fail
  • [QS-1687] - Incorrect information is displayed when during execution tests "Stop Execution" is pressed
  • [QS-1699] - Q7 doesn't record Preference window opening from toolbar menu (Tigerstripe).
  • [QS-1759] - Exception in Q7 then try to execute self AUT
  • [QS-1771] - AUT can't start after AUT configuration has been updated
  • [QS-1817] - Opening of Preferences window in Tigerstripe is not recorded
  • [QS-1825] - Debug for Test Suites doesn't work
  • [QS-1830] - If test-suite is opened, then tag cannot be added in Q7 Explorer
  • [QS-1832] - StackOverflowError is displayed at the execute looped test-suite
  • [QS-1843] - Q7 Advanced asserts logic call for not allowed methods during property lookup
  • [QS-1850] - Exception when replacing text in workspace search
  • [QS-1854] - Incorrect message when execute test case with unreferenced context

Technical task

  • [QS-1834] - Provide reference implementation of Q7 reporting renderer
  • [QS-1835] - Write a guide: How to implement Q7 Report Renderer

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