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  • [QS-2112] - Rerecord parts of a script


  • [QS-2102] - Deep search of projects inside -import parameter
  • [QS-2105] - Follow convention of surefire plugin on JUnit XML location
  • [QS-2111] - Error markers in test editor and control panel
  • [QS-2115] - Command to substitute eclipse variables
  • [QS-2147] - ECL command to execute an external process.
  • [QS-2149] - Remove non-user commands from ECL API docs
  • [QS-2162] - Start an AUT and close the AUT Selection dialog in a single action


  • [QS-2004] - Fix Q7 runtime problems preventing green Q7 build
  • [QS-2046] - Possible deadlock detected when applying Vozone context
  • [QS-2075] - Tests pass local but fail on agents
  • [QS-2088] - Q7 does not wait for build completion on Linux
  • [QS-2091] - On some AUTs test execution from runner hangs
  • [QS-2098] - NPE in org.aspectj.weaver.bcel.BcelGenericSignatureToTypeXConverter.fixUpCircularDependencies, then running Vozone Tests on Q7 Server.
  • [QS-2100] - Occasionally Q7 records setting focus to textbox of closed dialog
  • [QS-2101] - AUT from sources fails to resolve org.eclipse.core.runtime
  • [QS-2103] - Q7 runner searches for contexts instead of tests while importing projects to display warnings
  • [QS-2104] - Unable to create new AUT
  • [QS-2106] - Graphiti editors are not captured by workbench context
  • [QS-2109] - Incorrect path to dock icon on mac os x
  • [QS-2110] - Control panel does not show a syntax error location
  • [QS-2113] - Q7 resolve AUT each time I've open AUT edit dialog, and its very slow.
  • [QS-2114] - Table checkboxes check is failed during replay.
  • [QS-2120] - Each start of Eclipse Application with Q7 resolves target platform, it takes a very long time.
  • [QS-2127] - Support Nebula Grid cell editing
  • [QS-2128] - Q7 can't deal with AUT restart.
  • [QS-2130] - NPE window appears when I close Package Explorer view in recording mode.
  • [QS-2136] - Remove spellchecker from script editor
  • [QS-2142] - "Close Editor" action is recorded as get-editor | click in Eclipse 4.
  • [QS-2145] - Q7 hang then try to replay testcase with restart from control panel.
  • [QS-2146] - Nebula module license shows error in license dialog when pressing 'check status'
  • [QS-2148] - When cell editor opens modal dialog, Q7 records a script which cannot be replayed
  • [QS-2151] - Control panel does not prompt for save recorded script
  • [QS-2156] - Q7 Test Launch configuration dialog is unusable

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