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  • [QS-2129] - Need to deal with a "single-click' events on project explorer tree.
  • [QS-2236] - Q7 Cloud server should allow to store metadata properties specified from client.
  • [QS-2250] - Select value from combo based on pattern
  • [QS-2251] - Debug context should also have filters, to not terminate specified launches.


  • [QS-543] - Graphiti recording/replay support
  • [QS-2090] - Incremental build performance degradation
  • [QS-2153] - Changes in Script editor broken a test
  • [QS-2209] - Q7 does not work with latest 4.3 platform build
  • [QS-2210] - Vozone dogfood test 10_ParallelExecution.scenario regression
  • [QS-2218] - Cannot replay script that checks item with index
  • [QS-2227] - Weird behavior of 32-bit Q7 when launched using 64-bit Q7 workspace
  • [QS-2228] - Q7 can't replay 'get-view' command if view contains ":" in its name.
  • [QS-2231] - Unable to start 32-bit AUT, at least Vozone, from 64-bit Q7
  • [QS-2239] - Unnesessary [set-text ""] is inserted.
  • [QS-2240] - key-type "M1+s" is inserted into wrong place and fails to be executed correctly.
  • [QS-2241] - Q7 creates invalid XML junit report file.
  • [QS-2242] - Cheat Sheets view is not closed by Q7 when perspective is reset by a context.
  • [QS-2243] - "Click when complete" button click can't be replayed.
  • [QS-2244] - Cheat Sheet can't be opened from Help menu during replay.
  • [QS-2245] - Cheat Sheet view closing is not recorded by Q7.
  • [QS-2246] - Execution will hang if debug is already performed in same time.
  • [QS-2248] - Target platform is not valid then Q7 Agent is try to launch AUT
  • [QS-2253] - GEF Double click is not being recorded
  • [QS-2258] - Can't assert text in Cheat Sheets view.
  • [QS-2262] - Strange documentation in sown for some ecl commands.
  • [QS-2263] - Wrong location for button without text and tooltip
  • [QS-2264] - Setting boolean value cannot be replayed
  • [QS-2265] - Bunch of errors in AUT log related to GEFDescriberRecorderExtension

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