Release Notes - Q7 - Version 1.2.14 - HTML format

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New Feature

  • [QS-2197] - Single download of AUT during cloud build


  • [QS-2235] - Specified remove AUT should be downloaded by Q7 server and then passed to agents.
  • [QS-2307] - Q7 reports to support traceability matrixes
  • [QS-2314] - Log timed out jobs


  • [QS-1794] - Q7 should contain mechanism to understand AUT incorrect state


  • [QS-1615] - Exception and connection loss while recording
  • [QS-1965] - Unable to replay "with [get-tree]" block of commands
  • [QS-2049] - Possible deadlock detected when running Vozone test
  • [QS-2271] - Test is failed because of timeout, but no information details are pressent.
  • [QS-2292] - If one of Agents can't download AUT because of network problems, it will continue taking and failing tests.
  • [QS-2303] - Cannot select item in virtual tree
  • [QS-2308] - ECL does not handle lists in pipes consistently
  • [QS-2313] - Q7 cannot parse valid config.ini osgi.bundles property
  • [QS-2318] - Q7 it unable to start second new AUT, if someone is already running.

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