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  • [QS-2381] - As a developer, when I execute test at Q7 Cloud, in case AUT download fails I want to have execution in CANCELLED (or other, but not FINISHED) state, so that I handle it properly
  • [QS-2454] - SWT events logging for debugging purposes

New Feature

  • [QS-2462] - Command to transform its input to table data format
  • [QS-2463] - Command to assert (non-)empty pipe input
  • [QS-2464] - Command to listen to certain event
  • [QS-2476] - Q7 Cloud/Runner should support option restartAUTOnFailure
  • [QS-2491] - Add q7.current_test Eclipse variable to substitute with substitute-variables
  • [QS-2499] - Create ECL command for making AUT window full-screen.


  • [QS-2361] - Make column headers first-class citizens
  • [QS-2419] - Screenshot count in REST API
  • [QS-2420] - Get n-th screenshot via REST API
  • [QS-2421] - Thumbnail REST API
  • [QS-2422] - AUT name in execution
  • [QS-2428] - General-purpose command to get a field from object
  • [QS-2439] - Record mouse button for click-text and use it during replay
  • [QS-2460] - Allow to Drag tests from execution view to Test suite.
  • [QS-2465] - Migrate from getCoolBarManager to getCoolBarManager2 to avoid log spamming


  • [QS-2394] - ECL stable version
  • [QS-2425] - Add documentation for VM arguments changing.
  • [QS-2430] - Make sure native swt bundles packed with Q7 server
  • [QS-2431] - Include AUT launch time into CPU time
  • [QS-2441] - Check for performance degradation on big test suites
  • [QS-2446] - Update tests ErrorAtOpeningEditorForNonExistingFile, ErrorAtOpeningNonExistingView, ErrorWhenPerspectiveInco


  • [QS-1950] - Copyright on Q7 splashscreen does not match to current year
  • [QS-2223] - Unable to replay script that adds text
  • [QS-2249] - Unable to add link into service flow by clicking on it on diagram
  • [QS-2266] - Sometimes it's unable to replay cell editing with column index
  • [QS-2274] - Unable to replay link creation
  • [QS-2309] - check/uncheck fail on customer's tree and underlying reason is not reported properly
  • [QS-2317] - Q7 doesn't edit AUT configuration completely.
  • [QS-2337] - "Creates a new Process" button can't be found.
  • [QS-2358] - cloudTime is much greater than cpuTime
  • [QS-2363] - Exception when test is run in Debug
  • [QS-2365] - Timeout during test execution on big amount of tests.
  • [QS-2368] - Q7 Folder Context can't clear workspace:// root path.
  • [QS-2369] - Test fails on each 2nd time.
  • [QS-2372] - Test fails because Q7 doesn't wait for view update.
  • [QS-2373] - Context Menu is not shown during replay.
  • [QS-2374] - Menu access over styled text with TextViewer record get-editbox instead of get-text-viewer
  • [QS-2377] - NPE in the vozone-dogfood test
  • [QS-2384] - Vozone test is failed because moving on diagram is executed incorrectly
  • [QS-2385] - NPE in AUT console on restart.
  • [QS-2386] - ECP test consistently failing on some OSes
  • [QS-2387] - AUT configuration can't be created if it's name contains "/"
  • [QS-2388] - Q7 Runner doesn't display information then some contexts has unresolved dependencies.
  • [QS-2389] - Can't create native thread exception after 1100 tests executed for Vozone.
  • [QS-2390] - Q7 Cloud OutOfMemory issue.
  • [QS-2391] - Background colors assert fail.
  • [QS-2392] - Object is not selected in Vozone Explorer at the replaying q7 test
  • [QS-2395] - Test with CompletionProposalPopup.createProposalSelector is failed
  • [QS-2407] - Q7 adds multiple -d32 arguments for 32-bit AUTs on Mac OS X
  • [QS-2408] - Q7 canot launch debug build of AUT, while working fine with release build of AUT
  • [QS-2409] - Error asserting advanced properties for GMF
  • [QS-2417] - Something is wrong with Folder Context
  • [QS-2418] - Graphiti chess example does not work in Q7 1.2.17
  • [QS-2424] - New empty ECL context is failed to be executed.
  • [QS-2429] - Failure reason is empty while 'close modal dialogs' context fails
  • [QS-2432] - Q7 won't be initialized if com.xored.tesla.swt plugin run level is set to 1 and autostart is true
  • [QS-2435] - selfQ7_AUT is not stopped, when Q7_AUT is stopped
  • [QS-2443] - The control in context menu is disabled at the replaying q7 test
  • [QS-2445] - A lot of SelfAUT debug tests start to fail.
  • [QS-2447] - Typos in ending log message
  • [QS-2467] - Q7 HTML Report doesn't contain all required information.
  • [QS-2468] - Q7 doesn't capture screenshot in some Vozone failures
  • [QS-2470] - Sometimes copy (paste?) does nothing
  • [QS-2474] - AUT name is returned only for 2 last executions for each testSuite
  • [QS-2477] - Q7 runner for self AUT tests is hung.
  • [QS-2478] - An internal error occurred during: "Searching workspace".
  • [QS-2479] - Tests are failed because 'Parameter control is not assigned' (SelectValueFromComboInCell)
  • [QS-2484] - Delete of two or more contexts with references are not working properly.
  • [QS-2487] - Q7 Cloud statistics are invalid in 1.2.17-RC5
  • [QS-2488] - Can't create AUT configuration for Papyrus.
  • [QS-2493] - GET /api/executions/ filtered by testSuiteName performance issues
  • [QS-2497] - Q7 Cloud not inject GEF, GMF plugins in runenr/cloud configurations.

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