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  • [QS-2319] - Default contexts for Q7 project


  • [QS-2116] - Hide license id from
  • [QS-2399] - Store user credentials in secure storage
  • [QS-2400] - Eclipse trim area contribution with current user name


  • [QS-2415] - Switch to new API
  • [QS-2416] - Decouple creation of delayed reporter to fix unit tests
  • [QS-2427] - Q7 Cloud should use New Licensing API


  • [QS-2122] - Ecl completion is not working, then command parameter of some previous sentence goes to new line.
  • [QS-2398] - New license model does not work for AUTs without p2
  • [QS-2401] - Q7 does not provide test case details when reports execution to license server
  • [QS-2402] - Q7 does not provide AUT details during launch
  • [QS-2406] - Post request with AUT details throws socket read timeout exception reading response
  • [QS-2413] - Runner sends aut shutdown twice
  • [QS-2414] - Duration in exec reports is inadequately small
  • [QS-2522] - Drag&Drop the context to test does not work
  • [QS-2534] - Default Context can be removed from Q7Project
  • [QS-2537] - Undo Redo don't work in Default Context
  • [QS-2541] - After editing in Project Settings the Name of tab is changed
  • [QS-2564] - Q7 doesn't work with eclipse 4.2.1

Technical task

  • [QS-2637] - Initial implementation of supercontexts

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