Release Notes - Q7 - Version 1.2.19 - HTML format

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  • [QS-547] - Launch configurations context


  • [QS-2107] - More feature-rich Q7 debug context
  • [QS-2382] - Somehow help the user to identify Q7 runner version
  • [QS-2575] - Record 'click' on tree selection if there are mouse listeners
  • [QS-2583] - Check/Uncheck commands chould be recorded for SWT.CHECK buttons.
  • [QS-2612] - Ability to specify AUT dir in explicit config
  • [QS-2615] - Support for variables in aut-location Q7 external launch delegate
  • [QS-2623] - Context menu in Q7 explorer to generate pom.xml
  • [QS-2626] - HTTPS support for explicit location in q7 maven plugin
  • [QS-2630] - home:// uri scheme for Folder context


  • [QS-2492] - Move EclContextValidator into com.xored.q7.ctx.script.ui


  • [QS-1944] - hover-text is recorded then information control are shown using keyboard.
  • [QS-2305] - AUT starts fine, but fails to restart
  • [QS-2315] - Hard to navigate over ECL context
  • [QS-2404] - Make type-text to handle Text control using KeyUp/KeyDown events
  • [QS-2489] - NPE while test execution
  • [QS-2510] - Some checkbox clicks are recorded as "click" - not as "check/uncheck"
  • [QS-2514] - Changing text of non-readonly CCombo is not recorded
  • [QS-2515] - Typing backspace in non-readonly CCombo is recorded twice
  • [QS-2523] - Remove unused "alert" command
  • [QS-2539] - Invalid update of checked state of parent items in assertion tree
  • [QS-2557] - Q7 thinks that '-vm' arg in eclipse.ini is part of AUT VM args
  • [QS-2565] - Images on "Configure Environment vars for AUT" page doesn't show.
  • [QS-2568] - 'alert' command is broken
  • [QS-2574] - Q7 cannot select value from lazy combo/ccombo
  • [QS-2576] - Execution view misbehavior when executing test suite
  • [QS-2591] - Test suite does not show error if tests are missing
  • [QS-2597] - Wrong window is selected while running tests via Q7 Runner
  • [QS-2602] - Combo contains invalid value(s)
  • [QS-2606] - Delete dialog hangs if automatic build is turned off
  • [QS-2608] - Text editor control should not be eligible to close
  • [QS-2614] - Q7 records invalid combo-editing commands and can't replay.
  • [QS-2617] - Clicking on view toolbar buttons does not work in 4.2
  • [QS-2620] - Record AUT restart after software installation
  • [QS-2621] - About Eclipse SDK menu click is not recorded.
  • [QS-2631] - Q7 Servr discards all resource pack when unknown resource uploaded

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