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New Feature

  • [QS-2670] - Create double-click-text command to work with TextViewer and Text widgets


  • [QS-2650] - Get style info based on a cursor position
  • [QS-2655] - Improve DND recording readability and defaults
  • [QS-2657] - ECL command 'concat'
  • [QS-2668] - General-purpose 'or' and 'and' commands
  • [QS-2671] - Highlight matching brackets in test case editor


  • [QS-2530] - We need a workspace switching test running in cloud and in runner.


  • [QS-1037] - Problem with large workspace context capturing
  • [QS-2625] - Q7 does not capture ruler column when recording hover-ruler
  • [QS-2632] - Update copyright
  • [QS-2634] - get-item | mouse does not use item-relative coords
  • [QS-2644] - Workspace context processor with Java projects executes too slow
  • [QS-2656] - select command does not fail correctly
  • [QS-2659] - Two mouse down commands recorded instead of a click command on a table/tree cell
  • [QS-2660] - Advanced AUT settings dialog is not open
  • [QS-2661] - Debugging AUT from sources is not synchronized with Java editor
  • [QS-2664] - set-param command sends parameter value to output pipe thus breaking some use cases
  • [QS-2665] - Renaming of test case using editor do not change the file name of the test case
  • [QS-2666] - is-disabled, is-disposed and get-text should return BoxedValue to be used by if "operator" and other ECL constructs
  • [QS-2667] - get-item ".*" -index 0 unable to find the item
  • [QS-2669] - Add get-workspace-location command into org.eclipse.ecl.platform plug-in
  • [QS-2675] - Q7 disallows some characters in AUT name
  • [QS-2681] - Something is terribly wrong with Q7 undo/redo machinery

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