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New Feature

  • [QS-1661] - [Debug] Display ECL command parameters/input with debug variables


  • [QS-2647] - Add a command for double-clicking a text
  • [QS-2652] - Improve persisting model for Parameters context
  • [QS-2690] - Add licensing configuration button to Q7 preference page
  • [QS-2691] - Add support for "get-item item1 | select" into select command


  • [QS-2720] - Remove 'print' from ecl API doc and completions
  • [QS-2770] - Create recording tests for 5 bugs


  • [QS-2635] - Inconsistent Provider names of Q7 features
  • [QS-2653] - Columns are not sortable in parameters context editor
  • [QS-2685] - ECL editor parser can not handle commands with arguments on next line
  • [QS-2686] - No way to select Q7 account for Eclipse Application under Test configuration type
  • [QS-2687] - Debugging hotkeys (F6, F5, etc.) are not functioning if Debug view is closed while debugging ECL script
  • [QS-2692] - Scriptlet schema is missing from binary distribution of org.eclipse.ecl.core making impossible to write custom ECL commands w/o ECL source code
  • [QS-2699] - Error removing a reference from supercontext to a context during context removal
  • [QS-2704] - Q7 Runner build does not include nebula runtime
  • [QS-2705] - OnDemand licensing does not work over proxy
  • [QS-2715] - Nebula Grid 'get-item' with '-index' parameter isn't replayed
  • [QS-2717] - Nebula Grid 'check' & 'uncheck' commands aren't replayed
  • [QS-2718] - Reuse existing workspace in Q7 Runner
  • [QS-2719] - verify-false is broken
  • [QS-2723] - *double-click* on Nebula Grid isn't recorded
  • [QS-2729] - get-quick-access command is broken in kepler
  • [QS-2731] - foreach doesn't work with same-named items.
  • [QS-2734] - Q7 can't handle File/Restart
  • [QS-2736] - exec-process corrupts command line
  • [QS-2744] - Dependency to guava in Q7 Runtime
  • [QS-2747] - Q7 Enterprise takes extra license on AUT restart
  • [QS-2751] - Q7 tries to delete something during verification.
  • [QS-2752] - Widget is disposed during Q7 test execution.

Technical task

  • [QS-2683] - Double undo/redo in ECL script editor

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