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  • [QS-2519] - Debug of ECL contexts
  • [QS-2639] - Include image resource path into element properties
  • [QS-2741] - XML reporter which generates separate files
  • [QS-2746] - Display protected getters and fields in advanced properties
  • [QS-2777] - ECL commands 'get-time' and 'format-time'
  • [QS-2779] - Option to control whether to fail maven build in case of Q7 test failures


  • [QS-2753] - Output memory usage after each test case


  • [QS-1654] - Determine the position in the assertion of styles as range
  • [QS-2054] - Add support for nested arrays in get-property for basic properties
  • [QS-2529] - Non-portable Windows/Linux tests due to different line endings
  • [QS-2633] - Item click recorded twice when table or tree has mouse listeners
  • [QS-2645] - Wrong report at replaying the switch workspace test on agent
  • [QS-2663] - Assertion window adds wrong assertions
  • [QS-2695] - get-tab-item recording bug
  • [QS-2710] - When 64bit aut contains 32bit equinox.launcher fragment Q7 sticks to 32bit JVM
  • [QS-2721] - Q7 Runtime is incompatible with some version of
  • [QS-2740] - Q7 Maven Plugin help doesn't contain anything about *suites*
  • [QS-2742] - Some windows cannot be distinguished by -from parameter
  • [QS-2756] - -vm arg in ini file is not supported
  • [QS-2759] - Q7 does not send key down/up events for modifier keys
  • [QS-2761] - Inconsistent 'with' behavior
  • [QS-2765] - Folder Context - Silent and Dangerous.
  • [QS-2766] - Q7 does not ignore comments in ini file
  • [QS-2768] - Symbol validation in AUT and resource names is platform dependent
  • [QS-2771] - org.eclipse.Core.Exception is thrown if I try to add already added folder/file into a Folder Context

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