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New Feature

  • [QS-2696] - Autocompletion for parameters


  • [QS-2885] - Implement scriplet multi-dispatching mechanism
  • [QS-2887] - Support 'toString' field in Assertion dialog
  • [QS-2891] - Make command sequence writing last command output to sequence output pipe
  • [QS-2893] - Case-insensitive completions


  • [QS-2624] - Tooltip disappears too quickly after hover-ruler command
  • [QS-2875] - select [get-item ...] has excessive -column parameter
  • [QS-2882] - Mouse text selection is recorded incorrectly
  • [QS-2884] - "Unable to resolve widget" errror when I press Cancel button at "Please select widget of the following classes..." dialog.
  • [QS-2886] - Q7 initialization deadlock
  • [QS-2890] - Between command is broken
  • [QS-2897] - Supercontext launching is broken
  • [QS-2898] - Broken 'equals' / 'verify-true' compatibility for raw values
  • [QS-2899] - *get-window -from* doesn't work
  • [QS-2953] - Q7 does not fill key-related event fields when replaying tab pressing

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