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New Feature

  • [QS-2950] - Implement ECL command to get Java properties


  • [QS-2885] - Implement scriplet multi-dispatching mechanism
  • [QS-2887] - Support 'toString' field in Assertion dialog
  • [QS-2895] - Support selecting item ranges in Grid
  • [QS-2939] - Extensibility mechanism for CommandPostProcessor


  • [QS-2951] - Modify absolute paths in Metus tests using vars


  • [QS-2588] - Multi List selection isn't replayed.
  • [QS-2783] - Metus grid: item index isn't refreshed after up-level item is collapsed.
  • [QS-2790] - Q7 records row header click as a general item selection.
  • [QS-2807] - TestCases contexts editor remains "Unresolved" contexts
  • [QS-2875] - select [get-item ...] has excessive -column parameter
  • [QS-2890] - Between command is broken
  • [QS-2898] - Broken 'equals' / 'verify-true' compatibility for raw values
  • [QS-2899] - *get-window -from* doesn't work
  • [QS-2904] - Tree items are not expanded during replay when you select a child item.
  • [QS-2915] - Fix replaying multi-selecting first-column item cells
  • [QS-2953] - Q7 does not fill key-related event fields when replaying tab pressing
  • [QS-2956] - Cell editing issue on property sheet page
  • [QS-2972] - Q7 runtime corrupts timerExec rescheduling.

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