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New Feature

  • [QS-2950] - Implement ECL command to get Java properties


  • [QS-2150] - Formatter for ECL scripts
  • [QS-2737] - ECL code formatting
  • [QS-2780] - Eclipse Luna support
  • [QS-2847] - Unauthorized access to 1.2.x downloads
  • [QS-2861] - ECL Debug Improvements.
  • [QS-2863] - Add tree/table widget verification.
  • [QS-2895] - Support selecting item ranges in Grid
  • [QS-2939] - Extensibility mechanism for CommandPostProcessor
  • [QS-2968] - Ignore text styling option for Text Verification
  • [QS-2970] - Capture current item into a variable in 'foreach'
  • [QS-2971] - Iterate over maps and lists
  • [QS-2974] - 'mod' ECL command
  • [QS-2975] - loop/recur commands for emulating recursive calls and mutable loops
  • [QS-2979] - ECL command to get a ControlHandler from a widget Java object


  • [QS-2799] - Promo Q7 Downloads: change 1.2 to 1.3
  • [QS-2951] - Modify absolute paths in Metus tests using vars


  • [QS-2588] - Multi List selection isn't replayed.
  • [QS-2783] - Metus grid: item index isn't refreshed after up-level item is collapsed.
  • [QS-2790] - Q7 records row header click as a general item selection.
  • [QS-2792] - get-nebula-grid | key-type Insert is not recorded.
  • [QS-2801] - No way to give a link to enterprise pricing tab.
  • [QS-2802] - 'Learn more about q7 server' link leads to signup page
  • [QS-2807] - TestCases contexts editor remains "Unresolved" contexts
  • [QS-2844] - Automatic recharges are broken
  • [QS-2856] - Not enough information when Q7 cannot clear workspace
  • [QS-2871] - Java heap space error during manual ECL script editing.
  • [QS-2894] - Pressing DEL key on a Grid isn't recorded
  • [QS-2900] - Weird behavior when test has empty supercontexts
  • [QS-2902] - No purchase links for Q7 Enterprise on
  • [QS-2903] - Tree verification cannot capture syled tree from preferences
  • [QS-2904] - Tree items are not expanded during replay when you select a child item.
  • [QS-2906] - Q7 Recording is stopped when I click to nebula-grid
  • [QS-2915] - Fix replaying multi-selecting first-column item cells
  • [QS-2945] - Widget text verification is not aware about folding
  • [QS-2948] - Issues with parameter context -> ECL global variable integration
  • [QS-2954] - Information about image recognition is publicly available
  • [QS-2956] - Cell editing issue on property sheet page
  • [QS-2964] - ECL formatter wraps parameter names
  • [QS-2966] - Record events for widgets inside invisible but not disposed shells
  • [QS-2967] - Ignore selection events for unknown widgets
  • [QS-2969] - Q7 hangs trying to cancel execution
  • [QS-2972] - Q7 runtime corrupts timerExec rescheduling.
  • [QS-2973] - Proc default params can be nullified after first proc invocation
  • [QS-2976] - Record selection event for invisible List widget if SWT.MouseDown event occurred while it was visible
  • [QS-2977] - Enterprise license dialog does not recognize urls without scheme
  • [QS-2978] - "Close Opened Editors" becomes disabled after I press "Capture" button.

Technical task

  • [QS-2907] - coupon code in query string
  • [QS-2909] - add redirects from old promo url
  • [QS-2910] - redirects to download page after signup

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