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  • [QS-2913] - Find a convenient way to read values from Properties files
  • [QS-2999] - Correct support of open-source launches
  • [QS-3001] - Support for skipTests in Q7 Maven Plugin


  • [QS-2908] - fix coupon persisting
  • [QS-3005] - Q7 need user friendly and powerful execution state logging.


  • [QS-2877] - Undescriptive error message when passing more args to command than it expects
  • [QS-2901] - Troubles with group contexts
  • [QS-2983] - ECL formatter joins lines when it shouldn't
  • [QS-2984] - ECL Completion doesn't see items from just added contexts.
  • [QS-2985] - Typing in ECL editor is incredibly slow for big scripts
  • [QS-2996] - Q7 does not close a modal dialog before test case execution
  • [QS-2998] - ExecService hangs when cannot convert value for named arg
  • [QS-3000] - Self executed timerExec causes Q7 runtime to hand.
  • [QS-3004] - Close process input stream once it is written
  • [QS-3006] - 'take-screenshot' scales down screenshots
  • [QS-3007] - 'matches' command writes invalid output when used with raw values
  • [QS-3025] - ComplectionProposalPopup.createProposalSelector() => Table is disposed

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