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  • [QS-988] - Add to Q7 runner command lines parameter for specify ports range
  • [QS-2936] - Support multi-select Grid cells by cells list
  • [QS-2937] - Support selection of only particular columns in Grid range
  • [QS-2995] - Q7 Runner arg to run single tests
  • [QS-3090] - Respect "Save required dirty editors before launching" preference
  • [QS-3099] - Ability to get raw values of multi-valued properties
  • [QS-3108] - String-keyed properties for assertion
  • [QS-3124] - Deal with maven plugin shutdownListener port allocation
  • [QS-3125] - Maven plugin should be aware of Runner return codes
  • [QS-3127] - General-purpose ECL split command for strings


  • [QS-3008] - Remove unused extension point "com.xored.q7.launching.remote.q7Runtime"
  • [QS-3026] - Do not include Q7 Widget details into passed tests for HTML reports.
  • [QS-3085] - Improve focus tracking in Q7.
  • [QS-3130] - Create Q7 tests for Copy/Paste from a context menu for different editors (Verifications, Contexts, etc.)
  • [QS-3301] - CLONE - Create Q7 tests for Copy/Paste from a context menu for different editors (Verifications, Contexts, etc.)


  • [QS-2733] - Excessive ECL command are added while Grid cell editing is recorded
  • [QS-2775] - Getting a Grid item by -index parameter is not replaying
  • [QS-2786] - Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V are not recorded in nebula grid.
  • [QS-2787] - Specific column selection in nebula grid is not distinguished.
  • [QS-2820] - Q7 doesn't record hyperlink clicks.
  • [QS-2862] - Error messages are printed out on replaying nebula-part-menu-clicking
  • [QS-2883] - get-control Unknown is recorded when I drag and drop verification into Test case editor (and can't be replayed).
  • [QS-2914] - Grid isn't scrolled to see selecting cell on select
  • [QS-2962] - No password recover functionality
  • [QS-2986] - Invalid thread access using ProgressMonitorDialog
  • [QS-2997] - Ecl command argument completion is not working properly
  • [QS-3014] - Don't record acrion on org.eclipse.ui.forms.widgets.Hyperlink
  • [QS-3018] - Q7 Control panel shows "Save" dialog after save then run from "Record Snippet"
  • [QS-3031] - Per Agent Launch Files page is empty.
  • [QS-3032] - Q7 Execution details is not enough to understand what we are waiting for.
  • [QS-3036] - Sticky data during Drag&Drop
  • [QS-3040] - Q7 IDE includes two versions of googla guava
  • [QS-3046] - Procedures are not executed on bamboo agents.
  • [QS-3048] - Q7 Runner does not return a license on server when build is terminated
  • [QS-3049] - Q7 fails to get-param after eclipse restart.
  • [QS-3054] - Q7 hang then waiting for JFace reconcilers.
  • [QS-3057] - ECL can't correctly assign parameterless args to command features
  • [QS-3059] - Files are indexed two times so duplicate index entries could appear.
  • [QS-3061] - q7.extensions.reporting example is outdated
  • [QS-3065] - try command does not send 'catch' block results into output pipe
  • [QS-3075] - StatusDialog inside progress monitor will lead to test execution timeout.
  • [QS-3086] - Q7 opens editor twice if editor has not been activated after startup
  • [QS-3087] - Workspace context can't be applied if project has been removed on file system
  • [QS-3088] - Q7 Target Management Terminal causing tests to fail.
  • [QS-3091] - Redundant lines are recorded on double-clicking editable cell
  • [QS-3100] - Strange output redirection in RepeatService
  • [QS-3102] - Incorrect getting raw values of properties obtained with reflection
  • [QS-3109] - No completion of parameters from parameters supercontexts
  • [QS-3113] - Redundand clicks are recorded with double-click on column header
  • [QS-3116] - After double-click (at least on empty area), selections are not recorded
  • [QS-3117] - Testsuite editor copy/paste/cut menu actions are not working
  • [QS-3122] - Q7 doesn't wait intil the editor becomes dirty
  • [QS-3126] - Grid item index is recorded wrong
  • [QS-3129] - IF statement with 'contains' doesn't work properly.
  • [QS-3131] - Q7 agent timeouts then launching java.
  • [QS-3133] - get-items returns 1 child for a collapsed item

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