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  • [QS-3110] - Copy-paste between parameters contexts
  • [QS-3123] - Make 'Scripts' Q7 search scope include ECL contexts
  • [QS-3150] - Plain text serialization for Error Log Verification
  • [QS-3160] - Support URLImageDescriptor with bundleresource: scheme


  • [QS-3184] - Create Q7 tests for Expand Bar


  • [QS-2580] - Expand Bar Items expanding are not recorded.
  • [QS-2855] - Embedded GEF is not recognized by Q7
  • [QS-2912] - Q7 seem to break AUT's key binding context
  • [QS-2982] - Copying Q7 resources in project/package explorer does not generate new ids
  • [QS-3078] - ExpandBar is not supported
  • [QS-3112] - Development Guides page is broken
  • [QS-3115] - Runner should fail when it can't launch AUT or run tests
  • [QS-3136] - Q7 doesn't record clicks into a field if it is empty.
  • [QS-3137] - When a resource with duplicated ID is deleted invalid error message remains in problems view
  • [QS-3138] - Q7 client does not pick up proxy settings from system properties
  • [QS-3140] - Launch configuration is not found for test with changed contexts
  • [QS-3142] - Build deadlock
  • [QS-3170] - Q7 does not see some control decortations
  • [QS-3176] - ECL command 'invoke' uses unique EList in its args feature
  • [QS-3177] - ECL command 'invoke' does not support fields
  • [QS-3188] - Tests hanging or executing too slow after ExpandBar support introduction
  • [QS-3190] - Zest is not recognized as Draw2D
  • [QS-3191] - Memory leak in com.xored.tesla.swt.logging.AsyncInfoSupport
  • [QS-3207] - Typo on a web-site

Technical task

  • [QS-3093] - 'admin' marker for some users in datomic
  • [QS-3094] - Role-based REST methods restrictions
  • [QS-3095] - Dummy 'admin' page on

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