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  • [QS-3195] - Create a solution for Eclipse Window Resizing.
  • [QS-3219] - Create Mockup for CLabel
  • [QS-3222] - Create a solution "How to get AUT console/error log files"
  • [QS-3229] - Add examples for AND and OR commands in ECL documentation.


  • [QS-3022] - Key Type Enter playback Inconsistent with v1.3.9
  • [QS-3201] - Report builder is not thread safe
  • [QS-3205] - On Windows, AUT is not put on top of other windows before taking screen shot
  • [QS-3208] - Q7 doesn't assert tree item background color correctly.
  • [QS-3209] - Q7 doesn't paste table item during the replay.
  • [QS-3210] - Nebula-grid runtime is not loaded in Eclipse Juno
  • [QS-3212] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException при глубокой вложенности getItems().TreeItem
  • [QS-3213] - Nebula Grid: Stack overflow.
  • [QS-3216] - NPE in UIJobCollector
  • [QS-3227] - Q7 doesn't capture item choice from ToolbBar with DropDown list / Editable ComboBox
  • [QS-3228] - Do not pass MaxPermSize=256m option for Java8.
  • [QS-3232] - "get-log" Content assist shows wrong parameters.
  • [QS-3234] - IWeavingServiceFactory fails to be resolved
  • [QS-3238] - Regular expression in select or get-item always fail to match if there is a line break within message being matched.
  • [QS-3244] - Reports do not show error messages

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