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  • [QS-3245] - switch command for ECL
  • [QS-3302] - CLONE - switch command for ECL


  • [QS-3239] - Remove Q7 Messages from AUT log.


  • [QS-3132] - When a tree item contains slash, searching an item by column does not work
  • [QS-3149] - String literals with numbers implicitly converted to numbers
  • [QS-3223] - Significant delays when using Advanced properties in assertion mode
  • [QS-3246] - ClassCast exception when closing RCPTT project
  • [QS-3249] - Q7 projects are not recognized by RCPTT
  • [QS-3254] - Typo: "Method ... not fould"
  • [QS-3256] - Parse-time throws NPE if input value can't be parsed.
  • [QS-3257] - Insufficient information in report for verification failures
  • [QS-3262] - Time verifications throws an exception if there is File/Restart in a test.
  • [QS-3269] - Internal error during Search/Replace in a script.
  • [QS-3270] - Save Resources dialog is not shown anymore when I press Apply/Verify buttons in Test Case or Verification editor.
  • [QS-3273] - HTML reporter looses screenshots

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