Release Notes - Q7 - Version 1.3.14 - HTML format

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New Feature

  • [QS-3242] - Support encrypting of echo-chars fields.


  • [QS-3233] - Commands to work with filesytem
  • [QS-3258] - Support for variables in folder context
  • [QS-3259] - General-purpose ECL command to delete file/folder
  • [QS-3281] - support for 'projects' element in q7-server-maven-plugin as q7-maven-plugin does


  • [QS-3243] - Create Examples in ECL documentation for 'decrypt' and 'parse-time' commands.
  • [QS-3277] - Verify that runner starts crashed AUT properly


  • [QS-3235] - Restore defaults button won't reset advanced Q7 preferences
  • [QS-3237] - Test fails in debug mode with ClassCast exception.
  • [QS-3251] - Folder context leak
  • [QS-3282] - Omitted failure reason

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